I Hope You Hear Me

by Dresden

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released December 21, 2012

All music written and performed by Dresden
Released under Famined Records



all rights reserved


Dresden Georgia

A thoughtful rock group from Georgia.

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Track Name: Dreamcatcher
Made of thread, I am wound so tightly
to chase my dreams by sacrificing the constants that are in my life
not knowing where I'll sleep at night
only knowing that this feels right

My body is spent (I need this)
Can't handle all this constant stress
I need to know if it's worth fighting for
I know I should rest (but I can't lay my head)
I need to know if it's worth fighting for
Track Name: Not My Month
I woke up with a cold and getting pissed at the sun
don't need you shining on me, 'cause this is not my month
my minds' filled to the brim with things I don't want
like thoughts of you and congestion...
And you alway seem to get the best of me
you and my allergies
make it so hard to breathe...

That smile (I've seen it all before)
those legs (they led me out the door)
I never could get my way, I always got in your way

I guess I'm sorry, I know that I can't be
like the boys you go to class with...
I can't sleep here, I'm alone in this apartment

And I'm starting to see
that I deserve to be happy
so thats what I'll be
and I'll make sure that you're sorry...

Whenever I need to let things out
you were the first name out of my mouth
but you like to call when things go south
start your life without me around..

I hope that you're happy with yourself
to know that you can't hide the truth
I hope that you're happy with someone else
I still have this picture of you...
Track Name: Barnegat Light
Summer of 2010 you left home with the bag I bought you
you left me here filling voids for your deep blue eyes
and I wish that I could pretend that you're safe where you are
you're not safe where you are...

You spent your nights out in the bay
I spent my nights just missin' you
and now that you have gone away
you're doing things that you never do
Sat outside and watched the moon, the same one that was shining on you
it's too bad you aren't here to see how much I need you

You said that you "passed out"
When you "got lost"
When you called me "drunk"
...Maybe this is what I have to deal with
You said that I "can't stay in your heart and on your mind"
You left me for New Jersey

So I'll sit outside on my own
'cause one-thousand miles of pavement led you far from home
and I understood what you said but I didn't get when you left
so I'll try and move on..and I'll ignore your calls...
Track Name: Bury Me
You found me here, buried beneath my bitter heart
it was so simple for me to keep you on the outside
So I let you stay there to tell me the view from the dark
The dark has always told me how to act from the start

Don't shut me out, my blood is running colder this year
and I saved it all in a shot-glass for you...
I'm growing tired of this run-around, I'm runnin' through
"Don't let me down"- I let you down...I let you down

You blacked me out and now I'm done,
I'm underground I can't see the sun,
I guess this is all that I can do...

We got back home from school, spent some time...apart
Some time to grow, some time to grow...apart
I tried my hardest to get some rest
Eyes wide open from what you said...

You blacked me out and now I'm done,
I'm underground I can't see the sun,
I guess this is all that I can do
So bury me where I'm underground
Along with the other poor souls that you've found
I guess this is all that I can do...
Track Name: Drowning
It only took a couple months for my eyes to see
that this summer wouldn't turn out to what I'd thought it'd be
I shouldn't have turned you into my whole life
and now I don't feel so bad that I messed up twice...

And I still get that sinking feeling when I pass by your house
and all these old songs are taking me back tonight
you left me gasping for air..
surprised that you still don't care

Take a breath, your memory's a fog
It's a constant fight for air, as I let you tag along
And I can't stand all this pressure that builds within my bones
It's like taking my last breath, while you sail away from home

It's been forever since I've talked to you
I'm fighting calling you again, to see what else is new
"are you happy with your life? are you fine with drowning me tonight?"
Track Name: Pen Pal
I sit alone and think of what to write to you next...
to you I could write a million words and only say one thing
I'm sure you don't have the time to read what I have to say...
(it's okay)

We started off exchanging a few words
and it turned into something close to home
I would sit right by my mailbox, and wait patiently
didn't know it would never come...

It's been a year and I've saved all of your letters
retrace the lines, I know you can't be mine
I know I'll make it out of this alive
I know I'll make it out alive

I'll take this pen and stab it in your back
Just like you did to me
I Hope You Hear Me, I'm tearing up your letters
I hope I don't "see you soon"

I'll take these words and throw them at your back
Just like you did to me
I Hope You Hear Me, I'm tearing up your letters
I hope I don't "see you soon"